Digi Grotesk™ font family

Designed by Hell Design Studio in 1970
DigiGrotesk font was designed in 1968 by the Hell Design Studio (the in-house design studio of the German company Dr.-Ing Rudolf Hell GmbH) and is available in seven weights, ranging from light to bold. The forms and proportions of DigiGrotesk N were strongly influenced by the constructed characters of Neuzeit Grotesk, while those of DigiGrotesk S were based more on the sans serif fonts following a Bodoni-Clarendon model, such as Basic Commercial, Univers, or Futura.

Hell's DigiGrotesk fonts rank among the earliest digital fonts ever created. DigiGrotesk is intended for exclusive use in longer texts set in smaller point sizes, including dictionaries and newspaper classified ads.

In 1990, Linotype AG merged with Dr.-Ing Rudolf Hell GmbH, forming the Linotype-Hell AG (today Linotype GmbH). Since then, Linotype has been the official source of all fonts that were originally designed for the Hell Corporation. Linotype has also improved the typefaces using new technologies, including OpenType."

Digi Grotesk N Bold Condensed

Digi Grotesk

Technical details
Technical font names:
File name: DigiGroLTBolCon, DigiGroLTBolCon.afm, DigiGrotesk LT BoldCondensed
PostScript name: DigiGroteskLT-BoldCondensed
PostScript full name: Digi Grotesk LT Bold Condensed
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US$ 35
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