Aldus® font family

Designed by Hermann Zapf in 1954
Designed by Hermann Zapf for D. Stempel AG, this typeface was originally intended to be the book or text weight for his Palatino font family. It was instead released as a separate face with the name Aldus in 1954. Aldus has the distinction of being lighter and narrower than Palatino, which makes it a good choice for book typography, though Palatino has also gained popularity as a text face. In addition to the regular book weight, Aldus has its own beautiful italic, small caps, and Old style figures. The typeface is named for the fifteenth-century Venetian printer and publisher, Aldus Manutius."



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PostScript name: Aldus-ItalicOsF
PostScript full name: Aldus Italic Oldstyle Figures
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