Ruzicka Freehand™ font family

Designed by Rudolph Ruzicka in 1936-1993
In 1935, Rudolph Ruzicka approached W.A. Dwiggins at Linotype in the USA and handed him six font design sketches. These later led to the typeface family now known as Fairfield. The sketch called 'Script' was forgotten until 1993, when sketches and designs were found in Ruzicka's archives. Ruzicka Freehand was originally a more flowing calligraphy font which Ruzicka later developed into this strong and unusual form. The font is designed in two weights and their matching italics. The figures are clear, only just indicating the handwritten style in the italic forms, and combine into light and harmonic lines of text. Ruzicka Freehand font gives texts a private and personal character and is suitable for middle length texts and headlines.

Ruzicka Freehand Roman SC

Ruzicka Freehand

Technical details
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PostScript name: RuzickaFreehandLH-RomanSC
PostScript full name: Ruzicka Freehand LH Roman Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures
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