Fette Fraktur™ font family

Designed by Linotype Design Studio
This font is one of the most used broken letter fonts today. Fette Fraktur is used to invoke a nostalgic or rustic feeling and found often on restaurants with 'hearty homemade food' or breweries who use the 'good old recipes' of the founder. The font was designed in the 19th century and from the beginning intended as an advertisement typeface. The lower case letters have a gothic character with only the ornamental flourishes making them broken letters, while the capital letters are more characteristic of broken letter typefaces. One could say Fette Fraktur font is a true mix of styles, not unusual for typefaces created at the turn of the 19th century.

Fette Fraktur™

Fette Fraktur

Technical details
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PostScript name: FetteFrakturLT-Dfr
PostScript full name: Fette Fraktur LT Dfr
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