New Century Schoolbook® font family

Designed by Linotype Design Studio in 1980
Morris Fuller Benton in 1915
Under the commission of the American Century Magazine", Linn Boyd Benton designed a new text typeface in 1894 with a design typical of the Neorenaissance movement in typography. Morris Fuller Benton produced various interpretations of this font for American Typefounders and the companies Linotype, Intertype and Monotype quickly took up the typeface. New Century Schoolbook font is a very legible font, fairly narrow and with relatively little stroke contrast. This font is from Morris F. Benton and appeared in 1915."


New Century Schoolbook

Technical details
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File name: NewCenSchGreUp, NewCenSchGreUp.afm, NewCenturySchlbkGreek
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PostScript name: NewCentSchlbkGreek-Up
PostScript full name: New Century Schlbk Greek Upright
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