Massif™ font family

Designed by Steve Matteson in 2011

About Massif™ font family

Massif Pro is a typeface designed by Steve Matteson in 2010. The twelve styles in the family were inspired by the dramatic granite formations found in the Sierra Nevada mountains, particularly Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. Massif combines organic flow with crisp readability on screen and in print. Massif's letterforms contain both angular tension and smooth curvature reminiscent of the rugged terrain formed through eons of glacial and tectonic activity. Faults and fissures which define a massif formation are integral to this typeface design which imparts a rich texture on text settings and captures a unique sparkle in headlines. Massif embodies a voice that is rugged and organic, yet polished enough to read as a text face. It's a personal response to the uniformity and neutrality of so many sans serif typefaces being released today.
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Font Designer: Steve Matteson


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PRO supports at least 33 languages.

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