Phyllis™ font family

Designed by Heinrich Wieynck in 1911
Phyllis font also appeared under the name Wieynck Cursive and was produced in 1911 by the Schriftgiesserei Bauer.
Phyllis is a calligraphic font with slanted serifs. Its lively, generous capitals are a nice contrast to the reserved lower case leters. Distinguishing characteristics are the two-storied a and the forms of the v, w and y.
Heinrich Wieynck expanded Phyllis font with an initialing alphabet of particularly decorative capitals, which will lend any text a graceful elegance.

Phyllis Initials


Technical details
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File name: Phyllis LT Initials, PhyllLTIni, PhyllLTIni.afm
PostScript name: PhyllisLT-Initials
PostScript full name: Phyllis LT Initials
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