Modern Extended™ font family

Designed by Monotype Design Studio in about 1924
Modern typefaces refer to designs that bear similarities to Bodoni and other Didone faces, which were first created during the late 1700s. Ed Benguiat developed ITC Modern No. 216 in 1982 for the International Typeface Corporation (ITC). Showing a high degree of contrast between thick and thin strokes, as well as a large x-height, this revival is more suited to advertising display purposes than the setting of long running text, or books.

Many traits in Benguiat's design are worth further notice. The thick stems of the roman weights have a very stately, solid presence. Their thin serifs have been finely grafted on, a masterful solution to the challenge of bracketing presented by Modernist designs. The italic weights have a very flowing, script-like feel to them, and the letters take the form of true italics, not obliques. The ITC Modern No. 216 family contains the following font styles: Light, Light Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Heavy, and Heavy Italic.

Modern Extended™

Modern Extended

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File name: ModerLTBooEx, ModerLTBooEx.afm, Modern LT Book Extended
PostScript name: ModernLT-BookEx
PostScript full name: Modern LT Extended Book
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