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Morris Fuller Benton

About Linotype Essentials ValuePacks font family

125 high quality fonts covering most of your needs. Need the classics? Then the Linotype Essentials 1 is the right choice. It contains 125 of the typefaces which have proven themselves for decades and even centuries. The highlights of this collection include the successful Neue Helvetica, Times Ten, Linotype Centennial and Bauer Bodoni, the ever-popular Futura, Univers and Frutiger, plus the Optima, Gill Sans and three weights of the popular Künstler Script, the Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch plus many others. This font collection builds the basis of any professional type library.

Linotype Essentials ValuePacks

Linotype Essentials ValuePacks

1 Value Pack

Linotype Essentials™ 2 Value Pack -  1 variant
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