ITC Bolt™ font family

Designed by Ronnie Bonder in 1970
Tom Carnase in 1970
ITC Bolt comes in one robust weight and was designed by Ronne Boner and Tom Carnase in 1970. Its figures are consistently based on a rectangular shape although some details break up the otherwise conscious monotony. The cross strokes of the a, e and s are markedly thin and many figures have rounded beginning and end strokes, giving them a more reserved look in relation to their neighboring letters. The strong ITC Bolt speaks the language of the modern industrial age with its mechanical forms. Due to the robustness of its lines, ITC Bolt is meant exclusively for use in headlines

ITC Bolt™

ITC Bolt

Technical details
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File name: ITC Bolt, ITCBol, ITCBol.afm
PostScript name: ITCBolt
PostScript full name: ITC Bolt
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