Futura® Script font family

Designed by Edwin W. Shaar in 1954
Paul Renner
First presented by the Bauer Type Foundry in 1928, Futura is commonly considered the major typeface development to come out of the Constructivist orientation of the Bauhaus.movement in Germany. Paul Renner (type designer, painter, author and teacher) sketched the original drawings and based them loosely on the simple forms of circle, triangle and square. The design office at Bauer assisted him in turning these geometric forms into a sturdy, functioning type family, and over time, Renner made changes to make the Futura fonts even more legible. Its long ascenders and descenders benefit from generous line spacing. The range of weights and styles make it a versatile family. Futura is timelessly modern; in 1928 it was striking, tasteful, radical - and today it continues to be a popular typographic choice to express strength, elegance, and conceptual clarity. Typefaces in the same style like Futura are: Avenir, Metromedium, Neuzeit Grotesk,

Futura® Script

Futura Script

Technical details
Technical font names:
File name: Futura LT Script, FuturLTScr, FuturLTScr.afm
PostScript name: FuturaLT-Script
PostScript full name: Futura LT Script
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