Chisel font family

Designed by  Robert Harling in 1939

Robert Harling

Robert Harling was born 1910 in Highbury/London, he died July 1 2008. Educated in Brighton and London. Then attended the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London. After early experience working for the Daily Mail newspaper, became freelance designer. Clients included the British post office. Typographic adviser to London Transport. Around 1935 – director of one of London’s leading advertising agencies. With James Shand, founder of the Shenval Press in Hertford, published the quarterly magazine Typography. After the war, published Alphabet & Image. Typographic adviser and architecture correspondent for the Sunday Times. Also publishes several newspaper novels.

Fonts: Chisel (1939), Playbill (1938), Tea Chest™ (1939).


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