Metropole font family

Designed by Paul Lloyd in 2011
Metropole is an exercise in combing the curvaceous lines of the Art Nouveau with the solid character and simplicity of Art Deco. The resulting three display faces combine the spirit of the 20s and of the thirties, creating lively fun display faces for headings, signage and banners. These characterful faces with clear simple outlines are also ideal to lend a distinctive air to your web pages, or to create a distinctive 'house-style' for lettering.



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Std / OT CFF

supports at least

21 languages.

Technical details
OpenType outline flavour:
CFF - PostScript-Outlines
Technical font names:
File name: Metropole_Duo_OT.otf
Windows menu name: Metropole Duo
PostScript name: MetropoleDuo
PostScript full name: Metropole Duo
Catalog number:
US$ 58
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