Bakery Script font family

Designed by Angel Koziupa
Alejandro Paul
Bakery Script Font was designed by Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul. Bakery Script is the Argentine duo’s nod to the high spirits of the 1970s.Angel Koziupa used his ever popular wild brush to draw the outline version, and Alejandro Paul refined it, expanded it, then extrapolated the solid version.While the outline version makes the letters seem like they're growing out of each other’s shadows, the solid version presents a wilder version of the casual dancing letters Koziupa’s brush has entertained us with during recent years.Sharp in places, perfectly curved in others, and with many letter alternates and ligatures included within the fonts, Bakery Script would be at home in packaging design, outdoors and adventure literature, and everywhere a display design needs that sharp but friendly touch to reach its goal.

Bakery Script Regular

Bakery Script

Technical details
Technical font names:
File name: Bakery Script.ttf
Windows menu name: Bakery Script
PostScript name: BakeryScript
PostScript full name: Bakery Script
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US$ 49
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