New font releases in April 2018

New arrivals April 2018: The dynamic brush font family Above the Sky, the geometric sans TT Wellingtons, the headline family Vodka and other fonts

Above the Sky (My Creative Land)

 Above the Sky
The letters in Above the Sky from Elena Genova appear as if they were written with a dried-up brush. In addition to a peppy script style, narrow block letters and ornament styles are also available. Countless alternative characters, swash variants and ligatures help you create very unique designs.
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TT Wellingtons (TypeType)

 TT Wellingtons
Give your designs a cool, technical feel with the geometric sans TT Wellingtons from Philipp Nurullin. Hints of a humanistic letter form and subtle artifacts of hand-painted poster fonts bring lively details to the font family.
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Vodka (Fenotype)

With Vodka, Emil Karl Bertell provides a set of four advertising fonts with a vintage feel. Use the two cursives, the sans and the slab to design posters, packaging or logos. The fonts are optimized for use in combination, but can also be easily stand on their own.
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Civic Sans (CozyFonts Foundry)

 Civic Sans
Playful details take some rigor from the structured letters of Civic Sans by Tom Nikosey. Alternative characters and numerous decorative styles – with a rough outline, inline or 3D effect, for example – expand the application potential of the family.
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Zinc (K-type)

Sharp angles and circular arcs determine the character of the monolinear Zinc. Although the family of four styles shows off its special flair in the larger font sizes, the occasional serif makes the font legible even in the smaller sizes.
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Chinal (Mans Greback)

The harmonious, friendly letters of the brush font Chinal by Måns Grebäck are available in four different weights. With numerous ligatures and swash variants, as well as initial and final shapes, you can give your designs a logo-like character with Chinal.
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Aldo Manuzio (RMU Typedesign)

 Aldo Manuzio
The bold and striking letters of Aldo Manuzio by Ralph M. Unger and Hans Möhring are modeled after an in-house typeface by Schelter & Giesecke, which was created at the end of the 19th century. Designed for eye-catching headlines, you can use Aldo Manuzio for book covers or film and video titles.
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Franca (René Bieder)

Inspired by the early grotesque fonts, René Bieder created the Franca family, which consists of nine weights. The neutral shapes are legible in small sizes thanks to a large x-height, but are also suitable for headlines. The name is a reminder of the font’s predecessors, Franklin Gothic and Helvetica.
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Skema Pro (Mint Type)

 Skema Pro
Skema Pro by Andriy Konstantynov is an Antiqua font system with six families. All families are based on the same basic shape, but they differ in line width, x-height, and serif shapes, offering you different tonalities for your designs.
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ThennaFL (Mirix)

Slightly drawn-out line ends and dynamic lines in the ThennaFL by Miroslav Cunic recall the character of a manuscript. Use the lively sans for headlines or short texts that require a personal touch.
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