Rough The Type font family

Designed by Dusan Jelesijevic in 2009

About Rough The Type font family

Dusan Dustin Jelesijevic wanted to make a font that would be ‘scary’ and ‘serious’ at the same time. Wanna-be-horror and punk-rock-out-of-beers typeface’s style invites all interest minors and adults to use this fonts for miscellaneous rebel-yeah situations. For example, if you like to protest in a public against Tour De Force font foundry, please write transparencies using this font, it will hurt us bad. Just don't hack our site with message written in Rough the Type. If you write with West European characters, love being nerdy and to kick some schmucks in the brain, Rough the Type is at your service. And remember - I know what font you used last summer!!!

Rough The Type

Rough The Type

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