New font releases in January 2016

New arrivals January 2016: The dynamic sans Lisboa Swash, the sophisticated retro pen font Vanilla Shot, the friendly, balanced Antiqua Capitolina and other fonts

Lisboa Swash (Vanarchiv)

 Lisboa Swash
Although Lisboa Swash was designed by Ricardo Santos for larger text sizes, the lively and friendly sans serif with a humanist impact cuts a fine figure even in small sizes. Alternative characters and ligatures support you in the design of a diverse word image.
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Vanilla Shot (Fenotype)

 Vanilla Shot
Derived from the American advertising fonts of the 1950s and 60s, Vanilla Shot by Emil Karl Bertell has a very dynamic, ornamental and calligraphic flair in a retro style. Many alternate characters, ligatures, and ornaments guarantee you a unique and varied typeface.
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Capitolina (Typefolio)

The careful influences of various historical predecessors lend the Antiqua Capitolina by Christopher Hammerschmidt and Marconi Lima a very special flair. The well-equipped family has a more structured than handwritten character, but nonetheless remains true to the humanist font tradition.
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Beloved (Laura Worthington)

The monolinear script font Beloved by Laura Worthington has a simple and friendly character. Many ligatures and swash alternatives help you add special, extravagant or luxurious accents to your designs. Styles with sans letters and ornaments round out the offer.
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Congenial (Laura Worthington)

Handwritten influences lend a warm and friendly character to the sans serif Congenial by Laura Worthington. Originally designed for her website, Congenial fits perfectly with Laura Worthington’s portfolio of script fonts.
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Hackensack (Typodermic)

The very narrow slab serif Hackensack by Ray Larabie and Chikako Larabie is intended for large font sizes. Use the striking font in headlines, on posters or on company signs, for example.
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Averta (Intelligent Design)

The geometric sans Averta by Kostas Bartsokas combines ideas of the early European grotesques with the American Gothics. The very well-equipped family has a remarkably lively and genuine italic.
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Brokman (The Northern Block)

Carefully beveled line ends restrain somewhat the technical character of the square sans Brokman by Jonathan Hill and Alessia Mazzarella. The very clear, distinctive and contemporary forms of Brokman are perfectly suited to large, brand-related projects, for example.
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August (Alias)

The contrast between round, contrasting and ornamental letters on one side and the classic neutral sans serif on the other defines the character of the exceptional August by Gareth Hague. The well-equipped font, with multiple weights and numerous alternative characters, has a high degree of recognition value, and not only in headlines.
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Merengue Script (Sudtipos)

 Merengue Script
Panco Sassano and Alejandro Paul had the primarily visual expression in mind for the brush font Merengue Script. As a result, the two designers were successful in creating an interesting, attractive and very unconventional font, in which numerous letter alternatives make for a homogeneous word image.
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Merlo & Merlo Round (Typoforge Studio)

 Merlo & Merlo Round
Narrow, structured characters without significant contrast lend Merlo a somewhat stencil-like character. Very well equipped with five weights and matching italics, the font can be used for both headlines and longer texts. In the second version, Merlo Round, the line ends are curved.
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Aphrosine (ParaType)

The dynamic characters of Aphrosine are too elaborate for ordinary handwriting and are not evenly designed enough for a calligraphic font. Aphrosine by Alexandra Korolkova and Alexander Lubovenko combines casual and friendly elements with elegant and formal influences. Alternative characters help you design a diverse word image.
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LiebeLotte (Liebefonts)

The lovely, very smooth and somewhat childlike script font LiebeLotte by Ulrike Rausch counters the trend of hipster coolness, and charms with its sweet and friendly flair in invitations, greeting cards, love letters or signs.
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Compass Next (TipografiaRamis)

 Compass Next
Originally created as a Didone designed by ruler and compass, Compass Next by Ramiz Guseynov evolved to take on ornamental, handwritten and stencil influences. The result is a very well-equipped, extremely diverse headline typeface, which cuts a good figure in many situations.
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Armstrong (Device Fonts)

The geometric Armstrong by Rian Hughes is available in various weights and includes matching start and end shapes. OpenType features help you find the fitting combination of characters in this linear font.
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