The Constructivists

In Germany, the most important center of Constructivism was the Bauhaus of Dessau and Weimar, which included artists like Kandinski, Klee, Schlemmer, Albers, Moholy-Nagy, as well as architects like Walter Gropius and Hannes Meyer and graphic designers like Joost Schmidt and Herbert Bayer. This school of thought intended to extinguish the metaphysical waste of the past from the everyday life of the present, and for that, the constructive-rational process of designing an artificial environment was perfect.

Henryk Berlewi: page from a brochure for “Reklame Mechano”, 1924

Wladyslaw Strzeminsky: “Komunikat” alphabet, 1930

Wladyslaw Strzeminsky: magazine title (BLOK), 1924

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