ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35™ font family

Designed by Michael Gene Adkins
Alf R. Becker

About ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35™ font family

Want to build elegance and sophistication into a font? First, start with a narrow stance. That's always a strong beginning. Second, look to the past for inspiration. But what if you mix in hints of deco and gently sweeping curves and arches and heavily contrasting thicks and thins? Well, that means it's August, 1935 all over again, and SIGNS of the Times" magazine by ST Publications has just released its 44th alphabet by master sign painter, Alf R. Becker."

ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35™

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STD supports at least 21 languages.

ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35 Family (8 Typefaces)
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