New font releases in November 2014

New dynamic fonts with a bucketful of retro charm

Be inspired! We’ve picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, as well as beautiful calligraphy for you from recent new arrivals. Use classic accents or impress your customers with a modern vintage design. With the very large and extremely flexible font families, you not only expand your inventory, but also create the basis for perfect designs.

Sherlock (Wiescher Design)

The dynamic and lively writing font Sherlock by Gert Wiescher offers countless letter alternatives. Use different capitals or choose from lower-case letters with or without connections. With pictograms or large curves, you can loosen up the rough structures of Sherlock.

Alina (Mika Melvas)

The condensed Alina by Mika Melvas mimics the friendly and lively brush fonts of the 1950s. Alternate characters and countless ligatures lend the font a varied appearance.

Delisia (Mika Melvas)

An extreme contrast in stroke width gives this brush font by Mika Melvas a very dynamic flair. The numerous alternate letters make for extra spice in your designs.

Saline (Mika Melvas)

Sharp-edged and slightly bumpy shapes characterize the friendly and very unique Saline by Mika Melvas. Numerous symbols from the nautical sector round out the available characters of the diverse font.

Canberra (Fontyou)

Canberra by Joana Correia has a strong personality. Strong serifs and a low contrast in the stroke width lend this easily legible font a solid appearance. Use the well-equipped family with six weights for headlines as well as texts.

Janko (Fontyou)

Janko, the brush font built from separate letters by Joachim Vu, is ideal for headlines, catchwords, and logos, thanks to its rhythmic and spirited ambiance.

Seawave (Fontyou)

Rounded letters lend an open and friendly character to the sans serif Seawave from Fabien Gailleul. With its round, partially wavy shapes, Seawave is particularly well suited to all activities related to water.

Industry (Fort Foundry)

The square sans Industry by Mattox Shuler, with its neutral, somewhat technical appearance, offers a wide range of design potential. Use the well-equipped font with eight weights for a refined vintage look or an industrial, futuristic mood, for example.

Bigticy (PrésenceTypo)

Bigticy by Thierry Puyfoulhoux is the ideal poster font. Its dominant letters, with the large x-height and the rounded corners, is available in three styles, each differing in letter-spacing and stroke width.

Aina (The Northern Block)

The clear, slightly rounded shapes lend Jason Aitchesonʼs Aina an open, friendly character. Thanks to its perfect legibility, you can use Aina for control systems and signage.

Lulo (Yellow Design Studio)

You can create interesting 3D font images with the multilayer font Lulo by Ryan Martinson. The different styles make endless combinations and designs available. The letters, designed in upper-case, show slight differences in texture between the small and capital letters.

Core Escher (S-Core)

The font Core Escher by Hyun-Seung Lee and Dae-Hoon Hahm plays with optical illusions in the style of the artist M.C. Escher. Styles in the layer technique allow a multi-colored design.

Core Rhino (S-Core)

Open forms and slightly curved ends give Core Rhino from Hyun-Seung Lee, Dae-Hoon Hahm and Min-Joo Ham a friendly and warm character. The well-equipped font, with seven weights and matching italic styles, is suited to long texts and makes for a good figure on the screen.

Ridewell (Intelligent Design)

Kostas Bartsokas’ font Ridewell takes up the character of old, wooden block letters. A second style simulates partial color application. With over 1,800 characters per style, countless letter alternatives, swash capitals and decorative elements, you have countless design options to choose from.

Nexa Rust (Fontfabric Type Foundry)

The extended family Nexa Rust by Ani Petrova, Svetoslav Simov, Vasil Stanev and Radomir Tinkov has three matching styles: sans, slab and script. All styles offer not only covering color application, but also looks with a stamp-like structure. In addition, there are layer styles for shadow effects.
With the curved shapes of the Nexa Rust Script and the slightly irregular outlines of the sans and slab styles, you can create interesting and diverse customizable vintage effects. The potential of the big family is rounded off by styles with a simple handwriting font and numerous pictograms.

Andes Rounded (Latinotype)

The rounded shapes of the neo-humanistic Andes Rounded by Daniel Hernández lend a warm and friendly character to the font. Diverse line ends and small ornaments provide additional variety and dynamics. Andes Rounded is very well equipped with ten weights.

Factoria (Fort Foundry)

The designed forms of the square slab Factoria by Mattox Shuler work well in the industrial sector as well as in sports magazines. The light styles in the font show a clear, straight-forward character, while the bold styles have authority and strength. The font is available in eight weights.

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