Petite Fleur font family

Designed by Gert Wiescher in 2010
Petite Fleur is a combination of very beautiful, very old French, engraved, flowery embellishments and the Capitals of my redesigned Royal Romain (Romain du Roi), the exclusive font of King Louis XIV. It is best used as initials only, but can be mixed with Royal Romain. On the keys for = and = I designed two filler embellishments and the ciphers 0-9 are embellished as well. Enjoy! Your designer of beautiful fonts Gert Wiescher

Petite Fleur

Petite Fleur

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Std / OT CFF

supports at least

21 languages.

Technical details
OpenType outline flavour:
CFF - PostScript-Outlines
Technical font names:
File name: PetiteFleur.otf
Windows menu name: PetiteFleur
PostScript name: PetiteFleur
PostScript full name: PetiteFleur
Catalog number:
US$ 40
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