Ornata font family

Designed by Gert Wiescher in 2010
Ornata-G is the seventh of a series of old ornaments that I am trying to save from oblivion. I am completely redesigning the ornaments from scratch. These ornaments have been designed around 1890, I think by someone at the Enschede foundry in Holland. These have a lot of nice swings. Your digitising typedesigning saviour, Gert Wiescher



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Std / OT CFF

supports at least

21 languages.

Technical details
OpenType outline flavour:
CFF - PostScript-Outlines
Technical font names:
File name: OrnataG.otf
Windows menu name: OrnataG
PostScript name: OrnataG
PostScript full name: OrnataG
Catalog number:
US$ 40
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