Rick Veitch font family

Designed by John Roshell in 2009
For our latest Master of Comic Book Art, Roarin' Rick Veitch, we've created a Brat Pack of fonts worthy of a Maximortal! This is The One! This will make your Heartburst! If you Can't Get No Rick Veitch between 1941 and 1963, wipe that Swamp Thing off America's Best Greyshirt, because this font is nothing short of A Miracle, Man! It's Epic! Abraxas and the Earthman and your Army @ Love recommend it.

Rick Veitch

Rick Veitch Bold Italic

Technical details
Technical font names:
File name: CCRickVeitchBoldItalic.ttf
Windows menu name: CCRickVeitch
PostScript name: CCRickVeitch-BoldItalic
PostScript full name: CCRickVeitch Bold Italic
Catalog number: