Submit Fonts – Exclusive Distribution

We meet every three months to review and select the fonts to be included in our Library. Join us – We’re looking for you!

How to Submit your Typefaces
We are always on the lookout for new talents and typefaces. Please send us your font designs for possible inclusion in our library.
To submit a font for appraisal, please use the models which we have provided for you at the foot of this page. We will need a short summary telling us about yourself and a description of your design concept. We would also be happy to receive any examples of applications of your font(s) you care to send us. Please send us your entry as pdf documents and not on paper!
Your font does not need to be fully perfected when you submit it. We will assist you in completing and improving your font.
If your font is accepted in our library, we will conclude a font licensing contract with you. You will receive a fair percentage of the net sale proceeds.
Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions; we will be happy to respond to them!
We prefer submissions to be made by email:

Monotype GmbH
Type Submission
Bernhard Hofmacher
Werner-Reimers-Straße 2–4
61352 Bad Homburg

To submit a font for appraisal, please use the documents which we have provided for you below.

Rules and regulations for submitting fonts at Monotype
(the pdf file contains the complete description of the submitting conditions)
[pdf file, english] (53 kb)
[pdf file, german] (164 kb)

Test documents
[test document pdf file] (144 kb)
[test document InDesign document] (1,1 mb)
[test document Word document] (56 kb)
[test document rtf document] (24 kb)

Typeface description
[pdf file, english] (1 mb)
[pdf file, german] (1 mb)