Extended licensing directly from Linotype.com

Now available from Linotype.com – licences for all your fonts, wherever your type needs to go!

Typography is an essential element of visual design. Whether your workflow is digital, print, or spans both, we offer convenient licenses to ensure your typography can extend as far as your creativity. Take your designs to new destinations through our mobile app, eBook and server licenses.


Mobile app license

We are certain that among our extensive and versatile range of fonts you will find that typeface that is ideal for your app and will ensure its success.
Your mobile app license enables font embedding into apps for iOS, Android or Windows RT platforms. Each license covers one platform and is valid for the life of the version of the app. Free updates to your app do not require the purchase of a new license.


License for electronic Publishing (ePub)

The use of attractive headline fonts and readily legible fonts for setting continuous text is an absolute must in the case of electronic documents with lengthy content if viewing and reading are to be pleasurable and not overly tiring.
Your ePub license covers use of a font in electronic documents such as eBooks, eMagazines or eNewspapers. Each license is valid for one title for the life of that title.


Server license

Power up your server apps with new typographic options.
Perfect for Web-based businesses providing customized goods, these license enable installation of fonts on servers for access by remote users or website visitors. Your license covers a specified number of CPU cores on your servers that the font is installed upon and has a term of one year.

Still have questions?

For answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning the licensing of our fonts, see the section “FAQs on Font Licensing”.
We have also put together for you a detailed overview of our flexible options for font licensing.