Extended licensing directly from Linotype.com

Now available from Linotype.com – licences for all your fonts, wherever your type needs to go!

Typography is an essential element of visual design. Whether your workflow is digital, print, or spans both, we offer convenient licenses to ensure your typography can extend as far as your creativity. Take your designs to new destinations through our mobile app, eBook and server licenses.


Licences for Web fonts

Web fonts are licensed for use on websites in accordance with the conditions of the CSS@font face declaration. The Web fonts that can be acquired from Linotype.com are supported by all major browsers, including Firefox 3.5+, IE 5+, Opera 10+, Chrome 4+, Safari 3.1+, iOS Mobile Safari, Android 2.2+ and BlackBerry OS 6. The cost of a licence is determined by the number of times your pages are viewed; there is no time limit with regard to the duration of such a licence. You actually purchase a certain quota of page views that you use up over time. We will inform you in good time before your page view quota is exhausted so that you can acquire a new page view quota.
Find further, detailed information regarding Web fonts from Linotype.com here.


Mobile app license

Our mobile app license allows font embedding in iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps. Some fonts have a distribution limit which is the maximum number of app downloads permitted by your license. However, the distributions can be spread across any any mobile platform for which your app is available (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). If your font has a distribution limit, you can easily increase it within the cart, or relicense the font if you use up your distributions. Your license provides coverage for the life of the title, so you do not need to relicense a font when new versions are released.


License for electronic Publishing (ePub)

An electronic publication licence authorises you to embed the font in electronic documents, such as e-books, e-magazines and e-newspapers. Each licence is valid for one title only and for the full operating life of that title. If the font is not to be directly embedded in an electronic publication (if, for example, it is be used to generate a static image, such as the cover of an e-book), you will instead need to purchase a desktop font licence.
Every issue of an e-magazine, e-newspaper or other form of e-periodical is considered a separate, new publication. Format variations do not count as separate publications. You will not need to purchase new licences for updated versions of publications that are issued free to already existing readers. However, newly issued versions are defined as separate, new publications.


Server license

This form of licence is ideal for internet-based businesses that offer client-specific products, such as PDF invoices, visiting cards, images with captions and personalised T-shirts. A server licence allows the installation of a font on a server that is accessed by remote users or website visitors.
However, users are not allowed to download the font file nor may it be used outside the server environment. The font may not be employed for a software as service (SaaS) application in which the service is the actual product and not the means of providing the product.
A server licence covers an agreed number of CPU cores on production servers on which the font is installed and is valid for one year. Development servers are not taken into account.

Still have questions?

For answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning the licensing of our fonts, see the section “FAQs on Font Licensing”.
We have also put together for you a detailed overview of our flexible options for font licensing.