From Pencil to Pixel New York

“Pencil to Pixel” provided insight into the work of both Monotype and Linotype, from the formation of the two companies more than a century ago to their present, and even took a look into their future. Their major influence on typographic developments in the various epochs was considered, including the role they played in historical transitions in the USA. The exhibition, which ran from 3 to 9 May, was an unqualified success. Visitors also had the opportunity to attend talks by some of the leading lights of the typographic world, such as Alan Kitching, Ilene Strizver, Ellen Shapiro, James Calfo and Ed Benguiat. Many remarkable contemporary and historical artefacts were on display.

A couple of snapshots from the exhibition:
At the entrance to the exhibition, visitors were greeted by a few words of welcome set in Neue Haas Grotesk.
Merchandise corner with posters and brochures. The “Curated Collection” proved to be particularly popular with its range of brochures. The fonts used to create these were selected by prominent photographers and designers.
An example from the “Curated Collection”. The contemporary photographer Rankin was asked to choose the font and he decided in favour of the elegant and classic font, Didot.
Various typographic designs from the past.
Visitors would encounter gigantic letters like this from various typefaces scattered throughout the exhibition.