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The most popular new font releases of 2015

The most popular new font releases of 2015
Many of the fonts released in the past year on appear to have struck the chord of the times. They provide what you need to realize your projects professionally.
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Classics in the “American” style – sans serif fonts by Adrian Frutiger.
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Clarendon LT

A classic slab serif with legible, timeless forms by Hermann Eidenbenz.
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FF Suhmo – a flexible, warm and friendly slab serif

FF Suhmo
By combining very different typographic influences, Alex Rütten lends his slab serif FF Suhmo a very special character.
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Neue Helvetica

A contemporary typeface geared to the future for use in modern electronic publishing.
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The perfect font for signage and other applications, where the distinctness of characters is of high importance.
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A type trilogy of highest aesthetic order.
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New arrivals January 2016: The dynamic sans Lisboa Swash, the sophisticated retro pen font Vanilla Shot, the friendly, balanced Antiqua Capitolina and other fonts

New font arrivals January 2016
Although Lisboa Swash was designed by Ricardo Santos for larger text sizes, the lively and friendly sans serif with its humanist impact cuts a fine figure even in small sizes.
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New arrivals December 2015: The playful geometric cursive Catfish, the beautiful Antiqua Carrig, the dynamic brush font Monday

New font arrivals December 2015
The playful, geometric cursive Catfish by Elena Genova pulls off a clever symbiosis of the cursive font and structured, monolinear letters.
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FF Real Text und FF Real Headline: two neutral but friendly families for more than just books

FF Real
Naturally, Erik Spiekermann’s biography needs its own font and – naturally – it must come from Spiekermann himself.
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