ITC Isadora® font family

Designed by Kris Holmes in 1989

About ITC Isadora® font family

ITC Isadora is an original script typeface that expresses both modern calligraphic ideals as well as the finest traditional spirit of 17th and 18th century English writing masters. Kris Holmes, a renowned type designer and calligrapher in her own right, named ITC Isadora after the dancer Isadora Duncan. Duncan, whose dancing was strong and yet graceful and delicate, and whose inspiration was classical but whose ideas were modern and liberating, is a fitting muse for such a refreshing design. ITC Isadora expresses all the qualities of its namesake in its forms. Try this typeface in headlines, logos, greeting cards, or invitations.
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ITC Isadora®

ITC Isadora

2 Typefaces

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