Wegweiser Schrift

Which typeface fits where? What works, and what falls short? Where do typefaces come from, and how can simple problems be avoided? These are questions that are no longer just being asked by publishers, graphic designers, and typographers, but by all computer users. Therefore, Hans Peter Willberg created this navigation system to guide beginners and budding professionals through the typographic jungle. This book is an eye-opener that simply makes life with type easier. No previous knowledge of typography is necessary to enjoy the book. Typographic “haute-cuisine” is not discussed; the book focuses directly on what novices need to know. For instance, how do typefaces look, how are they different from one another, how do they work? Intentionally avoided are references to specific computer platforms or programs, and examples of artist-designers’ exceptions from the rules. Wilberg’s book rests upon solid experience, well-regarded competence, and didactic drive.
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