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About Opticum font family

Font family Opticum is not just a set of fonts, it’s a maze construction kit that hides letters inside. Each inscription is a little brain-twister with variable difficulty, where the level is defined by the style. The third one is the most difficult. When you type with these fonts you fill the space entirely without spaces because characters in the fonts don’t have side bearings and the leadings are set to zero. This converts you into an artist who produces geometric abstractions containing verbal messages. Texts set with this font not only catch an eye, but keep it for a long time. The duration of attention period can be adjusted by selection of the font style. The third one keeps longer. Opticum was designed by Erken Kagarov and released by ParaType in 2009.


Web fonts

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Cyrillic One Regular
Opticum Cyrillic One Regular
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Cyrillic Three Regular
Opticum Cyrillic Three Regular
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Cyrillic Two Regular
Opticum Cyrillic Two Regular
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