Rock am Ring CD Cover Fonts

Rock am Ring 2011 – the fonts behind the music

We investigate the fonts behind the music and ID the types used on the CD jackets of the event’s headliners. The event is popular for it’s music and venue, but if you’ve ever wondered, ‘now what’s that typeface?’, then this feature is perfect for you.

– Click on the image to see an enlargement of the font –

CD: Double Bubble by Stereo MCS

Similar font: Aachen™
CD: Save the World. Get the Girl by The King Blues

Similar font: ITC American Typewriter™
ITC American Typewriter™
CD: Give me Fire! by Mando Diao

Similar font: ITC Avant Garde Gothic®
ITC Avant Garde® Gothic
CD: Boombox by Beatsteaks

Similar font: Braggadocio®
CD: Barbara by We are Scientists

Similar font: Adobe Caslon™
Adobe Caslon™
CD: ... For We are Many by All That Remains

Similar font: Friz Quadrata™
Friz Quadrata™
CD: Cosmic Egg by Wolfmother

Similar font: Futura®
CD: Palace by Chapel Club

Similar font: Futura®
CD: Passive me, Aggressive you by The Naked and Famous

Similar font: Futura®
CD: Twilight of the Innocents by Ash

Similar font: Futura®
CD: Times of Grace by Neurosis

Similar font: Goudy Text™
Goudy Text™
CD: Wonder of the Younger by Plain White T’s

Similar font: Monotype Grotesque®
Monotype Grotesque®
CD: Beyond Hell, Above Heaven by VolBeat

Similar font: Impact™
CD: Ritual by White Lies

Similar font: Kabel® (modified)
CD: American Slang by The Gaslight Anthem

Similar font: Rockwell®