Veljovic Script™ font family

Designed by  Jovica Veljovic in 2009

About Veljovic Script™ font family

Veljovic Script is an informal, brush-style calligraphic typeface. Its letters generally do not connect, although certain combinations will overlap. The typeface family includes four weights: Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold. The heart of the design is multi-lingual, supporting bit the Latin and the Cyrillic scripts. Each font is available in a "Pro" version, which includes just the Latin script, or in a "Pro Cyrillic" version. The Cyrillic version includes all of the glyphs from the Latin fonts, as well as Cyrillic support.
Each of the Veljovic Script fonts contain hundreds of alternates. The Cyrillic fonts each contain a total of over 2000 glyphs in their character sets. Veljovic Script is the newest typeface from Jovica Veljovic, a designer with decades of experience as a calligrapher, typeface developer, and professor.
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Veljovic Script

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