Pargrid™ font family

Designed by Michael Parson in 2002

About Pargrid™ font family

Pargrid is a grid-based typographic experiment from the young Swiss designer Michael Parson. In the Pargrid family, which contains three separate weights, Parson has created an intriguing system of small circles-similar to LED's or light bulbs-that live separately on a grid, creating unique letterforms. In small sizes, these circles blend together to create seemingly fluid lines, giving Pargrid's letters a wide, rectangular appearance. In larger sizes, the letterforms transform themselves into objects d'art-virtual and ordered communities populated by various points. Fantastic in both display settings as well as short strings of text, Pargrid may offer the exact look that your next project is looking for. Pargrid and nine other constructed type designs from Parson are included in Take Type 5 collection, from Linotype GmbH."
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Font Designer: Michael Parson


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Pargrid™ Cross
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Pargrid™ Trash
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