F2F Metamorfosi™ font family

Designed by Alessio Leonardi in 1995
The techno sound of the 1990s, a personal computer, font creation software, and some inspiration all came together to inspire the F2F (Face2Face) font series. Alessio Leonardi and his friends had the demand to create new unusual typefaces, which would be used in the leading German techno magazine of the day, Frontpage. Even typeset as small as 6-points, in nearly undecipherable layouts, it was a pleasure for the kids to read and try to decrypt the messages.

Letterforms in F2F Metamorfosi are parts of other characters that have been rotated to take on new meaning. For instance, an upside down V has become an A, a German ß has become the B, and a left parenthesis has become the C, etc.

F2F Metamorfosi Regular

F2F Metamorfosi

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Std / OT CFF

supports at least

21 languages.

Technical details
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CFF - PostScript-Outlines
Technical font names:
File name: F2FMetamorfosiLTStd.otf
Windows menu name: F2FMetamorfosi LT Std
PostScript name: F2FMetamorfosiLTStd
PostScript full name: F2FMetamorfosi LT Std
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