Bousni Carre™ font family

Designed by Bachir Soussi Chiadmi in 2002

About Bousni Carre™ font family

The Bousni family's six faces display links unexpected by most readers of western alphabets. Inspired by both by Arabic calligraphy, and contemporary bitmap design, Bachir Soussi Chiadmi created this playful series of faces. Letters in each of the six typefaces link together, but not in the ways normally expected from script fonts. Suited for a wide array of fun functions, Bousni Carre and Bousni Ronde (each available in Light, Medium, and Bold weights) bring new a style and flavor to your collection. All six fonts in the Bousni family are included in the Take Type 5 collection from Linotype GmbH.
The Bousni family espouses similar construction traits with other fonts from Linotype. Specifically, the straight lines and joints in the three Bousni Carre fonts are based off of a grid system similar to Anlinear, another member of the Take Type 5 collection from Linotype GmbH. The letter connections throughout the Bousni family are similar to Arabic kashidas, a typographic feature found recently in many non-Arabic typefaces, such as Linotype Atomatic ."
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Bousni Carre

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