Index™ font family

Designed by Christophe Badani in 2003
Index was designed by Christophe Badani with the character of a school book typeface. The goal was to create a sans serif font which gave an impression of both movement and harmony and the soft, round forms of this font has an almost ornamental feel. The influence of American advertisement and poster typefaces of the turn of the 20th century is clear to see. Index can be used as headline or text font in small or larger point sizes.

Index Bold SC


Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: Index LT Regular SC, IndexLTBolSC, IndexLTBolSC.AFM
Windows menu name:
PostScript name: IndexLT-BoldSC
PostScript full name: Index LT Bold Small Caps
Catalog number:
US$ 65
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