Opal and Snoogle

Snoogle: Round, fluid, and fun

Snoogle font sample
Snoogle™ is a collaborative project undertaken by Hannes von Döhren and Raimo Böse. Both Hannes and Raimo are young, Berlin-based designers. A bit of the city of Berlin’s creative energy may be seen in Snoogle, too.

Snoogle font sample
On the face of it, Snoogle is a friendly, round display typeface.

Saussa font sample
But Snoogle packs a mean punch! Its character set contains 99 ligatures, which may be automatically implemented in OpenType-savvy applications. These give Snoogle the feeling of a script face, as opposed to normal rounded types.

Saussa font sample
Snoogle includes 99 ligatures that work together with your applications OpenType features to create sophisticated alternation. The above image illustrates all of the Snoogle ligatures.

Snoogle font sample
Just a smattering of what you’ll find in the Snoogle Dingbats font: arrows, body parts, clouds, drugs, fire, guns, helicopters, shark fins, and a jams box!

Raimo Böse and Hannes von Döhren
Raimo Böse and Hannes von Döhren: Snoogle’s designers.
Snoogle styles
A Dingbats font compliments Snoogle’s text variant. Inside Snoogle Dingbats are 99 design elements and pictogram figures. Sex, drugs, and Rock n’ Roll. Who would have expected that all of these could have fit into a font?

More samples of Snoogle are available as pdf file (888 kb).

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