Eurostile Candy & Eurostile Unicase

Eurostile extras – Akira Kobayashi’s Eurostile Candy & Eurostile Unicase


Released in early 2008, Eurostile® Next is one of the newest members of Linotype’s Platinum Collection. This family represents a thorough digital rethinking and extension of the typeface. Eurostile Next is yet another of Linotype’s Type Director Akira Kobayashi’s contribution to 21st century digital typography. Yet, designers like Akira have less serious sides as well. To new add-on families to Eurostile Next show the lighter elements of his personality: Eurostile Candy and Eurostile Unicase.
Eurostile Candy usage sample
Eurostile Candy has three weights: Regular, Semi Bold, and Bold. Each of these three fonts corresponds with Eurostile Next components, namely the Extended, Extended Semi Bold, and Extented Bold variants. Eurostile Unicase is just a single font, but it makes up for this with its extreme heaviness: its strokes are even thicker than those of Eurostile Next Bold’s.
Eurostile Candy usage sample
As the name implies, Eurostile Candy it is based on the Eurostile idea, but with many striking new features. Most obviously, the corners and joints have been rounded off to give it a more friendly and softer feel. On top of those changes, the main skeletons of many characters have been modified. Any extra strokes have been removed - such as in the a, s, or t - and joints have been simplified to create even more square shapes - like in the n and r. With these contemporary and futuristic-styled alterations, Eurostile Candy is a cool new design great for many display projects.
Eurostile Candy usage sample
Eurostile Unicase usage sample
The fun Eurostile Unicase is a bolder than bold design. Ascenders and descenders have been traded in for alternate letters that all share the same height. The effect is similar to using all caps, although this is quite a bit quirkier. For example, letters like the lowercase a and e are now the same height as their capital versions and the lowercase y has been raised to fit between the baseline and top height. Odd relationships such as these give Eurostile Unicase a fresh and funky feeling.
Eurostile Unicase usage sample
Either Eurostile Candy or Eurostile Unicase may be used together with Eurostile Next or on their own. Both set great headlines above text set in Eurostile Next, but the headlines will look just as good when paired with other text faces. Since these typefaces feel like the good old Eurostile, but are still different, they’d made refreshingly new debuts in logos or other corporate identity elements as well.

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