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Certain technical requirements must be met before worldwide communication using the selected typeface is possible. Your typeface, in digital form as font software (also simply referred to as font) must exhibit the following characteristics:
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Great design: We offer tens of thousands of typefaces that include all time bestsellers such as Helvetica®, Frutiger®, and Univers®. The designs cover a wide typographic spectrum and you can be sure to find what fits your requirements among the library gems. If not, then we are ready to customize existing designs to satisfy your requirements, or to design brand new custom typefaces for you.
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Cross-platform compatibility: your font should function both with Windows PCs and Macintosh computers so that problem-free transfer of documents is possible.
Linotype OpenType fonts conform to international standards and thus provide for cross-platform compatibility. The OpenType format is tried and tested, has already been in use as the standard font format for several years.
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Multi-language support: communication in the local language is a significant part of the corporate communication culture in many companies.
We can provide fonts for all required languages. Many of our fonts have already been developed for use in international communication. We also has a range of high quality fonts for the Asian market. Why not put us to the test? You will find that we can also speak the most obscure languages!
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Supports special characters and logos: many companies have special requirements with regard to their corporate typeface. Unusual technical characters, logos or even straightforward symbols, such as arrows, are often needed.
We design and develops fonts that will meet your requirements for a highly integrated font as far as is technically possible. In accordance with your specifications, we can design individual characters for integration in your corporate font as well as integrating your logo into the font itself.
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Best screen appearance: companies want a typeface that is clearly legible on-screen. In many countries, this is a necessity because of industrial safety legislation, but it also helps enhance the acceptance of the corporate design by employees and clients. It is also an essential commercial requirement in many companies where numbers, for example, should remain legible and distinct even in the smallest font sizes.
For some time now, we has been the market leader in the optimisation of the readability of screen fonts. Thanks to their many years of experience, our specialists can employ these optimisation techniques to meet your specifications.
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Typography partnership: We are constantly expanding its design spectrum and portfolio by licensing and developing new typefaces, and partnerships with market leaders form the basis for new technology integration into our products. We can help you keep your fonts up-to-date and support your current as well as your future typographic needs.