Quair font family

Designed by  Gareth Hague
The typeface that became Quair was originally planned as an extension of our Oban typeface. As it developed it became different enough to be a stand-alone, but connected typeface. Quair mixes typographic and graphic reference points, most notably from market-stall trader lettering and from Thorowgood and Scotch nineteenth-century typefaces. Quair isn’t an updating or redrawing of these. It adds different ideas to make a distinctive, separate-looking typeface. The lettering by Market stall traders to advertise their products has immediacy and economy, but is expressive and surprising. Letter shapes that look drawn but have a feeling of being written in quite a simple, unfussy way. Shapes are big, decorative but unrefined, Quair’s lettershapes have this idea of being reduced. They are minimal, in that they lack subtlety, but are characterful and individual. Round and Triangle serif options highlight this idea of the letters as graphic shapes, and offer a difference in emphasis between curvy and angular. Like Oban, Quair takes inspiration from the Thorowgood, nineteenth century headline typefaces. These have striking and idiosyncratic drawing, with exuberent, bold letter shapes. As with the market trader lettering their character and individuality is expressed through an economy of drawing, and the impact of the high contrast between thick and thin. Quair’s character shapes have something of the sparse, rigorous quality of Scotch typefaces. Scotch typefaces are known for their utility aesthetic. Quair has something of this, but typographic nuance has been reduced with a simplified, graphic shape. Modulation has been replaced with binary thick/thin. An angular, basic and inelegant look, but functional and useable.

Quair Triangle Italic

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OpenType outline flavour:
CFF - PostScript-Outlines
Technical font names:
File name: QuairTriangle-Italic.otf
Windows menu name: QuairTriangle
PostScript name: , QuairTriangle-Italic
PostScript full name: , QuairTriangle Italic
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US$ 60
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Tag: kern

Function: Adjusts amount of space between glyphs, generally to provide optically consistent spacing between glyphs. Although a well-designed typeface has consistent inter-glyph spacing overall, some glyph combinations require adjustment for improved legibility. Besides standard adjustment in the horizontal direction, this feature can supply size-dependent kerning data via device tables, "cross-stream" kerning in the Y text direction, and adjustment of glyph placement independent of the advance adjustment. Note that this feature may apply to runs of more than two glyphs, and would not be used in monospaced fonts. Also note that this feature does not apply to text set vertically. The o is shifted closer to the T in the combination "To."

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