The Zapfs turn 90! Celebrate with Us

Two ways to celebrate the Zapf’s 90th birthdays with us!

Remember the first time you saw Optima®, Diotima®, or Zapfino®? Which famed design do you like best or use the most? Do you have a personal birthday wish for Gudrun or Hermann Zapf? We have two options to share your personal messages with these living legends of type design!

Digital Upload
We welcome messages and images uploaded here which will both be viewable to our guests online and will also be printed and delivered for their birthday gathering. The greetings can be anything from simple messages to photos to a letter in your own calligraphy.

Via Mail
We are also calling for your messages in the form of printed pieces. The requirements are simply that we ask for 2 printed copies and each should measure 20 x 20cm.

Your prints will be personally presented to Gudrun and Hermann Zapf during their birthday celebration.

The second copy will be displayed in a special exhibition in New York City in cooperation with the TDC!

All printed pieces need to be received by October 31, 2008.

Please mail 2 copies of your design to:

Linotype GmbH
Nadine Chahine
Werner-Reimers-Straße 2–4
61352 Bad Homburg

Send your personalized birthday message to Gudrun or Hermann Zapf here!

Only files in JPEG format and up to 800 x 800 px will be accepted.
I accept the terms an conditions (see below).
* Field is required.

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Terms and conditions

By clicking the button “Submit message” above you agree that Linotype GmbH sends your message in a printed format to Gudrun and Hermann Zapf. Furthermore, you agree that your message may be published on this website as congratulation to Gudrun and Hermann Zapf and therefore made available to the public. Please make sure that your birthday message contains only such data (this includes, but is not limited too, personal data, text, pictures or other graphic art) which you do not object to being published on this website and which you have either personally created or for which you hold the necessary rights for the above mentioned uses.