Bernhardt Standard™ font family

Designed by Julius de Goede in 2003
Bernhardt Standard, which was designed in 2003 by Julius de Goede, is a flowing Bastarde script. Bastarde is one of the sub-categories of Blackletter typefaces. The term Blackletter refers to typefaces that have evolved out of Northern Europe's medieval manuscript tradition. Often called gothic, or Old English, these letters are identifiable by the traces of the wide-nibbed pen stroke within their forms. Of all of the various sorts of Blackletter styles, Bastarde scripts are the most flowing, or Italic. The first Bastarde typefaces, cut in the late 1400s, were based off of French handwriting styles, especially those styles popular in Burgundy.

The flowing nature of Bernhardt Standard makes it similar to some other sorts of Blackletter typefaces as well. Bernhardt Standard, because of its handwritten roots, is also similar to Kurrent, a style of handwriting that was popular in Germany prior the 20th Century.

Bernhardt Standard is a very calligraphic face, suitable for formal applications. This typeface would be an excellent choice for certificates or awards. The old style figures in the font allow for nice short settings of text as well.

Bernhardt Standard™

Bernhardt Standard

Technical details
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File name: BernhardtStandard LT Dfr, BernhStaLTDfr, BernhStaLTDfr.afm
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PostScript name: BernhardtStandardLT-Dfr
PostScript full name: BernhardtStandard LT Dfr
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