Linotype Syntax® Letter font family

Designed by Hans Eduard Meier in 2000
Linotype Syntax Letter is reminiscent of the style of the Roman Rustic capitals and is an earthy, almost snappy companion to the other Linotype Syntax typefaces. Instead of subtly expressing the rhythmic dynamism of handwritten letters, this face is more overt about its connections to writing movements, such as the lead-in and exiting terminals, and the organic branching of round strokes from main stems. Linotype Syntax Letter was designed especially for office communications, and it does add a warmer, more personal touch to such documents -- while still combining nicely with the more formal Syntax relatives. With six weights, their matching italics, as well as small caps and old style figures, this typeface family has a total of 24 weights.

Linotype Syntax® Letter

Linotype Syntax Letter

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: LinotSynLetOsFReg, LinotSynLetOsFReg.AFM, LTSyntaxLetter OsF Regular
PostScript name: LinotypeSyntaxLetterOsF-Regular
PostScript full name: LinotypeSyntaxLetterOsF Regular
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US$ 65
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