Sabon® Next font family

Designed by Jean François Porchez in 2002
Jan Tschichold in 1967
The design of Sabon Next™ by Jean François Porchez, a revival of a revival, was a double challenge: to try to discern Jan Tschichold´s own schema for the original Sabon, and to interpret the complexity of a design originally made in two versions for different typecasting systems.
The first was designed for use on Linotype and Monotype machines, and the second for Stempel hand composition. Because the Stempel version does not have the constraints necessary for types intended for machine composition, it seems closer to a pure interpretation of its Garamond ancestor.
Naturally Porchez based Sabon Next on this second version and also referred to original Garamond models, carefully improving the proportions of the existing digital Sabon while matching its alignments.
The new family is large and versatile - with Roman and italic in 6 weights from regular to black. Most weights also have small caps, Old style Figures, alternates (swashes, ligatures, etc); and there is one ornament font with many lovely fleurons. The standard versions include revised lining figures that are intentionally designed to be a little smaller than capitals."

Sabon® Next

Sabon Next

Technical details
Digital data from:
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File name: SabonNexLTItaOsF, SabonNexLTItaOsF.AFM, SabonNext LT RegularOsF
PostScript name: SabonNextLT-ItalicOsF
PostScript full name: SabonNext LT Italic Old Style Figures
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