Sabon® Georgian font family

Designed by  Akaki Razmadze in 2016
Jan Tschichold in 1967

Sabon Georgian

About Sabon® Georgian Complete Family Pack

The Sabon® Georgian design translates the original Sabon typeface into Georgian language. Its old style Latin-based design traits and proportions have been carefully and beautifully interpreted as Georgian script characters.

In the early 1960s, a group of German master printers wanted a typeface family which would provide them with consistent and predictable results, whether it was used as machine or hand-set composition.
They approached one of Germany’s most distinguished type designers, Jan Tschichold, to undertake the design task.

The end result of the design commission is a typographic tour de force, and the face that establishes Tschichold’s reputation as a type designer. The completed design, released in 1966, not only solved the imposed design problem of the early 1960s, it is also an exceptionally beautiful and useful digital design. The Sabon® Georgian design further extends the range of this remarkable typeface