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Morris Fuller Benton

Linotype Essentials ValuePacks

Linotype Essentials 2 – Linotype Essentials™ 2

Now available as Value Pack for instant download or on CD with physical shipping

164 high quality fonts to complete your Essentials
Linotype Essentials 2 includes 164 specially selected fonts chosen for the beauty and style of their design. Their popularity makes them some of the most important typefaces of the Linotype Library. Among them are Linotype Ergo™, Eurostile®, ITC Franklin Gothic®, Sabon®, ITC Stone®, Tekton™ and Linotype Zapfino®.
If the font collection Linotype Essentials 1 already builds the basic for your professional font library, the typefaces of Linotype Essentials 2 will provide the perfect extension. Together, these CDs will provide a comprehensive palette of high-quality fonts for a wide variety of applications.
All fonts include the Euro symbol.
The complete Linotype Essentials package with Essentials 1 + 2 offers you a comprehensive palette of 289 high-quality fonts for a wide variety of applications.

New: For the Linotype Essentials 2 CD we offer now two delivery methods:
– Order Linotype Essentials 2 as Value Pack for instant download.
– Order Linotype Essentials 2 on CD and get it with physical shipping.