Circus posters or the Wild West – Madame and its features do layering for you

Madame™ is based on 19th Century French woodtype display faces, specifically on an 1820 example from the Founderie Typographique Française. The digital typeface has been popular since its release and is often used by our customers as an alternate to Rosewood™ or Zebrawood™, although in the right poster application, you might consider using all three of these together!
Madame font sample
The tendency toward display and ornamented type began with the Industrial Revolution in Britain. The introduction of new machines made mass production possible in the printing industry. Techniques came into being that could constantly produce new and unusual products. Many of the typefaces created during this time were meant to catch attention and advertise. The ornamental, flamboyant nature of Madame reflects this tendency; it will never fail to catch the reader’s eye! First intended for circus posters, it is also perfect for titles, headlines, emphasis in text, or for use as initials. It combines well with both serif and sans serif typeface, but should be used sparsely to maximize the advantages of its ornate forms.
Madame font sample
You can license Madame in two versions: as a single OpenType font, or as a traditionally formatted series of fonts (PostScript/TrueType).
The OpenType font is very powerful. The font offers the ability to set each letter as either a single glyph, or to set each character by layering up to four glyphs over top of one another to create polychromatic type! These layering elements are for use as decoration for the inner spaces of the respective character. The easy use of this feature is only possible thanks to OpenType and OpenType-savvy applications.
The “Linotype Pro” character set support 48 Latin-based European languages, including all those spoken in Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, as well as the Baltic states and Turkey.
Madame font sample
The older, traditional format faces (the PostScript or TrueType versions of Madame) use three separate fonts to offer users pieces of individual letters, but the system is more difficult to master than the OpenType font’s, and multi-colored, layered type isn’t possible wouldn’t be possible without converting your text into a graphic first. Another reason to try out the OpenType version first!
Madame font sample

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