Opal™ font family

Designed by Hannes von Döhren
Hannes von Dohren in 2008

About Opal™ font family

Opal is a text face with a noble feeling, yearning for luxury and still delivering. Because of the long ascenders that rise clearly above the capital letters, Opal should be set with generous line spacing. The typeface's design has the attributes of the oldstyle Renaissance serifs, yet Opal is not based on any specific predecessors. Through undulating strokes and sharp corners, a cutout feeling is created; Opal's letters sport inktraps at stroke junctions, which this strengthen this image in larger point sizes even further. In total, the letterforms have clear emphasis on their verticals and horizontals; they do not fear the weight on their curves. In addition to an Italic and Bold variant, Opal has a Script member of the family. Opal Script is perfectly suited for additional text emphasis, or as an alternative to the typeface's Italic.
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