Sassoon® Infant font family

Designed by Rosemary Sassoon in 2000
Adrian Williams in 2000
The Sassoon Infant font family followed the release of Sassoon Primary. Sassoon Infant is the ideal choice for children receiving their first introductions to reading and writing. It does not have the forward slope of the Sassoon Primary fonts and is therefore well suited for use on computer screens where it appears clear and elegant. Although primarily aimed at educational use, the Sassoon faces should prove very useful in advertising, reports, television graphics, in short anywhere that requires a humanist feel while retaining excellent readability.

Sassoon® Infant

Sassoon Infant

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: SassoInfBolAlt, SassoInfBolAlt.afm, SassoonInfant Alt
PostScript name: SassoonInfant-BoldAlt
PostScript full name: SassoonInfant Bold Alternate
Catalog number: